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Sonic International Classic 2023

1. Organization and Sanction

1.1 The Sonic International Classic 2023 is organized by Sonic Bowl and sanctioned by IBF, ABF and SBF. World Bowling Playing Rules as of September 2019 shall apply on matters not covered herein.


1.2 This tournament will be held from 6-9 April 2023 at Sonic Bowl @ SAFRA Yishun.

SIC 2023 Schedule.png

2. Eligibility

2.1 All current members of SBF Member Clubs of good standing and foreign bowlers accredited by their respective Congress/Federation/Association are eligible to participate in this tournament.


2.2 All overseas participants must obtain clearance from their respective National Tenpin Bowling Associations or Congress.

3. Registration

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 1.25.35 AM.png

3.1 Registration of entries for Local players can only be made via submission of GOOGLE FORM to Sonic Bowl.


3.2 No refund shall be made after an entry has been registered and accepted. (Unless in the case of a positive Covid-19 test.)


3.3 A participant who fails to show up or is late for the scheduled squad shall be disqualified from participation in that squad and the entry fee forfeited.


3.4 Changes to squad schedules will be permitted provided lanes have not been drawn for the squad requested and if there are vacancies for the preferred squad (applicable to ALL participants).


3.5 For Overseas Participants, please submit your hotel and flight schedule together with the hotel rooming list on or before 31/3/2023, and Squad reservations (subject to availability) on or before 31/3/2023, via email to or


3.6 The amount of slots made available for each squads are as shown below:

  • A (48 Slots)

  • B (48 Slots)

  • C (48 Slots)

There will be a total of 144 slots in this tournament. Slots will be given on a first come, first served basis. In the event that all spots are taken, a waiting list will be established.

4. Format of play

4.1 Participants will be required to bowl 3 blocks of 8 games each over 3 days during each assigned squad. The top 48 will qualify for Masters. The 48 Masters Finalists will then bowl 8 games and the top 4 placings over the 8 game series will then advance to the Stepladder Finals.


4.2: Qualifying and Masters Lane Change: The entire event will be played on cross lanes, with lane change after every 2 games. Bowlers on the odd numbered lanes will move 2 pairs of lanes to the left, and bowlers on the even numbered lanes will move 2 pairs of lanes to the right. A lane draw for the starting lane for Masters will be administered upon Masters Check-in.


4.3 Stepladder Finals

  • Top 4 stepladder

    • Match 1: 3rd seed and 4th seed will bowl one game each.

    • Match 2: Winner of Match 1 will move on to meet the 2nd seed and bowl one game each.

    • Match 3: Winner of Match 2 will move on to meet the 1st seed

      • Top seed advantage, 1 + 1 game

      • If the Top seed wins the first game, he/she shall be declared the champion. If the 1st place loses, a second game will be bowled. The winner of this game shall be declared the champion.


4.4 The following handicap system will be in placed for the entire event:



  • 60 and above: All men and women who are born in the year 1963 and before.

  • 50-59: All men and women who are born in the year 1964 to 1973.

  • 15 and below: All boys and girls who are born in the year 2008 and after.


4.5 When a tie is registered after Qualifying or Masters Event, the player with the highest game (with handicap, if any), in their qualifying series, shall be the winner. If this still ends in a tie, the next high game will be counted, and / or repeated until the tie is broken.


4.6 When a tie is registered in the Step Ladder Event, a 9th and 10th frame rolloff shall be used, and/or repeated until the tie is broken.


5. Check-in Procedures for Qualifying and Masters Event


5.1 Qualifying: All participants are to Check-In personally at the tournament desk at least 30 minutes before the start of their first qualifying squad on 6 April 2023.


5.2 Masters: All Masters Qualifiers are to Check-In personally at the tournament desk at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the Masters Event, failing which he/she will be disqualified and the respective reserve(s) shall be called. 

Calls will be made as follows: 

1st Call: 3 minutes prior to Check-in time 

2nd Call: 2 minutes prior to Check-in time

3rd Call: 1 minute prior to Check-in time 

*The clock in the bowling center will be the official timepiece


6. Bowling Balls

6.1 It is the bowler’s responsibility to ensure that all bowling balls used during the tournament are conforming to International Bowling Federation (IBF) Rules and Regulations. The tournament/Technical Committee reserves the right to examine the balls used by the participants. Use of an illegal ball is grounds for disqualification and forfeiture of all games, prizes and standing aside from any other penalties that may be imposed. 


6.2 Altering of bowling ball surface is NOT ALLOWED DURING OR IN BETWEEN GAMES. If the surface is adjusted during a game, the penalty is zero pinfalls in that game. The resurfaced bowling ball will also not be allowed to be used throughout the remainder of the block  and must not delay the bowlers and the progress of the game.

7. Slow Bowling

7.1 Slow Bowling is strictly not allowed and bowlers must bowl when it is their turn to do so.


7.2 Players shall be ready to bowl when it is their turn and shall not delay the start of their approach or delivery if the lanes immediately adjacent to them on both the right and left are clear.


8. Bowler’s Attire

8.1 Bowlers are required to be properly and appropriately dressed for bowling. If, in the opinion of the tournament Director, a bowler is not appropriately dressed, he/she may not be permitted to bowl. MALE BOWLERS MUST WEAR PANTS OR SLACKS AND ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR SLEEVELESS SHIRTS AND/OR JEANS, SHORTS & BERMUDAS. Female bowlers may wear skirts, shorts, pants, slacks or dress shorts and ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR SLEEVELESS SHIRTS AND/OR JEANS.


9. Verification of Scores

It is the bowler’s responsibility to ensure that the correct score for each game bowled is recorded on the scoreboard.


10. Interrupted Game(s) 

10.1 The Tournament Director may authorize the completion of a game and series on another pair of lanes when equipment failure on the lanes would delay the normal progress of the series. An interrupted game and series that cannot be completed must resume from the point of interruption. 


10.2 In the event the score of any game is lost and/or erased and cannot be recalled and/or traced due to power or equipment failure, the bowler concerned will be required to re-bowl a new game when the power supply resumes or equipment is repaired. However, all scores of completed games that have been recorded in the official score sheet shall remain unchanged. 


10.3 Lane Breakdown If a pair of lanes becomes unusable or unplayable before or during the squad games as determined by the Tournament Director or its assigned official, any available pair of lanes provided by the bowling centre shall be assigned to affected participant(s) or shall wait for the next available squad. In case of machine breakdown during the Masters, vacant lanes shall be assigned to affected finalists. Any interrupted game(s) or series must resume from the point (frame) of interruption. No practice throw(s) shall be allowed. In the event that a next available squad is offered in place, participants will be given the same amount of practice time as accorded to the rest of the squad. 

11. Protest 

Protest involving eligibility or general playing rules must be submitted in writing to the Technical Committee not later than 24 hours after the game in which the infraction occurred or before prize presentation, whichever is sooner. If no written protest is filed prior to the expiration period as stated above, the game or games shall stand as bowled. Each protest under this rule shall not be construed to cover a similar or previous violation. 


12. Matters Not Provided For 

The Tournament Committee whose decision shall be governed by IBF General Rules & Regulations, shall decide on any matter arising, which is not covered in these Rules & Regulations. Such a decision shall be final, subject only to an appeal to be made in writing to Sonic Bowl within 24 hours of the decision of the Tournament Committee.


13. Cash Prize

13.1 Foreign bowlers are liable for withholding tax on all prize monies received.


13.2 All cash prizes are indicated in Singapore Dollars.
















































14. Oiling Pattern

Sonic International Classic 2023 Oiling Pattern.png
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